Home Renovations Marrickville

Safe Home Renovations with O'Malley's Construction 

Whether the project is that of a home renovation or a knock-down & rebuild one, safety comes first for any kind of work or service. Ever thought of working with a company that offers safety throughout the process of home renovations in Marrickville? The answer to this question would be no for most of the homeowners who look for the best home renovation company. Surprisingly, O'Malley's Construction assures its clients of safety as we have safety management systems through all our renovation and re-build projects to ensure the safety of our clients as well as our workers. A job is good when done right and in the safest manner. So, we take the responsibility of delivering not a good job but rather a safe job to our clients irrespective of the size of the project we take in our hands. 

Quality standards 

While there are numerous remodelling companies in the market, hardly a few of them succeed in meeting the highest standards of quality. Our team of builders carries out all the projects of home renovations in Marrickville with professionalism and work with the utmost dedication throughout the project. Our workers have a passion for bringing the best results with the involvement of the clients from the conception to the completion of the remodelling project. We value the money of our clients and know that renovation is a big investment for them. So, we safeguard their investment by providing them with a home that meets the standards by using materials of the finest quality available in the market. This assures our clients that they need not look back at their homes for years before they plan another remodel. 

Word of mouth 

Most of the companies offering home renovations experience a tough time enticing the customers and completing remodelling projects in the region. Contrary to this, the scenario is different for O'Malley's Construction as most of the homeowners approaching us for home renovation projects come through recommendations & referrals. Our past clients who had a great time and a promising experience working with us usually recommend our name to their colleagues, friends, family members, and known ones. Because of our brilliant services, the word of mouth works for us and people keep costs ting us for home renovation, home extension, and rebuilding projects. 


Proven track record 

Over the years, we have a proven track record in the industry, and we continue to improve our services with every home renovation project. We strive to achieve perfection in all the projects that we take into our hands and guarantee customer satisfaction in the long run. Our team fulfils its commitment while carrying out home renovations in Marrickville. Our work speaks of our quality services and people rely on us for their home remodelling needs. We have a specific style of working and we offer every benefit that our customer might be looking for in a home renovation company. 

Why choose us? 

Many people might be thinking about what advantages we offer so that they can choose us for their home remodelling project. Well, let us throw some light on the key benefits of hiring us:

  • On-time home renovation services without making any compromises on the quality of work done. 

  • Budget-friendly home renovations that involve the use of premium quality materials. 

  • Home renovation designs that add an elegant finish to the overall looks of the home. 

  • The use of the right tools, equipment, and the right skills for remodelling the home. 

  • Hassle-free home renovations that keep the stress of the clients at bay. 

  • Specialist builders who know about renovating the homes in the right manner. 

Get in touch with our specialist builders today and relax as they handle the work with ease. Call us on 0449 655 226 to get a free quote today! We will ensure that all your demands are met and completed within the specified time and budget.