Home Renovations Balmain

Budget-friendly Home Renovation Services 

Home renovations in Balmain are not an easy job and one needs time & money to allow the home renovation project to complete. With so many contractors & builders for home renovations in the market, it becomes difficult for the homeowners to find the right company. Well, one can choose a contractor for a home renovation project who not only meets their requirements but also their budget. The budget plays a significant role in any home renovation project and if the company is offering home renovation services at a price that does not fit the budget of the homeowner, it will just be a tough time for the homeowner. O'Malley's Construction offers home renovations for its clients at a price that suits them and matches their budget. 

Offerings of O'Malley's Construction 

While there are numerous construction and renovation companies in the market for home renovations in Balmain, barely a few of them provide all services in a single place. However, the situation is different with O'Malley's Construction as we have a wide range of services for our valued clients. We don't like our clients running from one end to the other for meeting their needs. Our home renovation services include but do not limit to: 

  • First-storey additions 

  • Second-storey additions 

  • Home extensions 

  • Home remodelling projects 

  • Alterations and garage conversions 

  • Granny flat makeovers 

  • Knock-down and rebuilding 

  • A few other remodelling projects 

  • Kitchen renovations 

Work transparency 

A notable feature of our company that sets us apart from the rest of the companies dealing in home renovations is that we ensure transparency in our services and pricing right from design selection to the completion of the work. Our specialists contact our clients at every step of the project to create a space that they ever wanted. Our team of builders has healthy relations with all our clients, and they are in constant touch with them to ensure that the clients are aware of any progress in the project. Many companies overlook this point and usually don't inform their customers of any changes or advancements in the project until their customers themselves make the move. Well, we believe in keeping our clients informed about everything as we are working for them and their satisfaction is more important to us. We leave the final decision regarding the smallest modifications in the hands of our clients.



Excellent outcomes 

As a leading company for home renovations in Balmain, O'Malley's Construction makes sure to meet the highest quality standards and provide excellent outcomes to its clients. We use quality materials and employ the best practices to ensure our clients get what they want. From the initial stages to the final one, we add a touch of professionalism to our work and try to deliver exceptional results to our clients. Through our services, we ensure the highest quality of workmanship in home renovations and present our clients with the home that matches their needs, lifestyle, and ideas. 

Friendly approach 

Many companies dealing in home renovations are too professional to not give a thought to their clients. Because of their way of working, clients usually hesitate to ask their builders about any queries that they have in their minds or in conveying their ideas for their dream home. However, the scenario is different with our team of builders as they adopt a very friendly approach towards the clients. We make sure we solve the queries of our clients and they are free to give their suggestions at any step of the renovation process. Even the tiniest details matter to us when it is coming from our clients. 

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