O’Malley’s Construction- Get the Home Extension Service from Extension Specialists

People choose to renovate their homes for many reasons. For instance, when the family gets older and needs more space or when you want to have new additions for the entertainment area, study, or home office, house extension allows you to improve or expand the home you love. Adding an extension is very cost-effective and it also adds value to the existing properties. And for what reason you are planning to renovate your property, you can consider our service to bring the extension ideas to life both on budget and on time.

The home extension job we offer is the perfect blend of practicality, design, and function:

We know the importance of home extension for you and your family. There can be many reasons. And no matter whatever the reason it is, we can serve your needs. Therefore, at O’Malley’s Construction, we construct the home extensions, which maintain the perfect balance of practicality, modern design, and function at the most cost-effective rates. We are extremely passionate about our jobs and we always aim to complete the jobs with utmost perfection while maintaining an honest, open, and friendly approach to the jobs.

Here we have a team of professionals, who offer you a wide range of services starting from constructing the extension to completion. We aim to make the extension job as non-disruptive and simple as possible so that there is no disruption in the day-to-day lives of our clients.


The project managers of our company keep you well-informed throughout the full building process so that you do not have to keep guessing. And we always strive to complete the projects on budget and within time without any nasty surprises.

So, get in touch and tell us what you want from us. Then our experienced designers would work with you to achieve the desired results. We can assure you that we can take out the trouble of building and renovating. Besides, we can also offer you a complete solution for meeting the needs.

House extension services we offer:

  • Single storey ground floor additions: If you have enough land and if you are planning to reconfigure the house layout, then you can opt for this extension. By choosing this extension, you can get the desired look, feel, and style in your property.

  • Double-storey second-floor additions: Adding more levels to the existing home is a great way to add more space or to create a private space just for you. Besides, it also allows you to access a beautiful view. People often choose this option over ground floor extension as there is no excavation job involved in this process. Besides, it also saves land space.

Why do our clients choose us?

1. We offer customised designs in home extensions: At O’Malley’s Construction, we visit the properties to discuss your requirements and what you like to achieve. Then we will come up with creative ideas on how to help. After that, you would get an idea of the budget, and then we will explain to you the details regarding the construction process and inclusions.​​

2. We offer fixed and genuine rates: We do not take up the projects without confirming the final prices. With our commitment to listen to the needs of our clients and through complete site investigation, we confidently quote the final rates and avoid going over budget. And we also keep our clients involved in the planning and detailing process.

3. We have an experienced team of builders: We have a team of expert project managers and skilled tradespeople, who help us to complete the construction job without hassle. Besides, we are highly regarded for service quality and excellence. 

Get your home extensions done at the best prices from trained and experienced professionals of O’Malley’s Construction. Why wait any longer? Call us on 0449 655 226 today for top-notch services!