Quality Home Renovations, Extensions by Accredited Builders in Mortdale


Looking for local builders who could cater to your current home renovation and extension requirements? Bank on O’Malley’s Construction. We are Sydney-based renovators, builders catering to home renovations, extensions, rebuilding. Apart from being the residential builders in Mortdale, we are equally committed to commercial construction as well. If you want to increase the existing space systematically and in a well-planned manner, you can hire us. We are going to get it done explicitly and exclusively for you, as per the requirements.


We offer a wide range of services related to renovations, rebuilding, and remodelling of your residential complex or commercial space. If you feel that your existing space is not enough to accommodate a couple of more people or employees, shortly get in touch with us. We will bring to you the most appropriate design option that would accommodate those people of the future without altering the existing theme of your house or office. We leave no stone unturned in getting the things done precisely. With a team of qualified professionals and builders in Mortdale, we strive to offer the best-in-class services that would meet your expectations and requirements.

At O’Malley’s Construction, we have brought all the different kinds of services related to house/office reconstruction or rebuilding under one roof. Therefore, at our centre, you will get the following different services at the same place:

  • Renovations, extensions, additions, and alterations at your place as per your requirements

  • Modification of the outdoor living space that is related to living, outdoor exciting BBQ, & alfresco areas

  • Renovations related to bathroom and kitchen.

  • Decks and pergolas restructuring, installation, revamping.

  • Knockdown and rebuilding of the new homes

  • Carpentry services related to commercial fitouts.

Reliable Builders & Renovators at your Service

Irrespective of the size of the area that is to be renovated or remodelled, we are one of the reliable and reputed builders and renovators in Mortdale who leave no stone unturned in getting just the right job. We give equal importance to all types of renovations- big or small. What matters the most for us is quality. We never compromise with it and ensure delivery of quality finishes just at the right price.

Any type of renovation or remodelling project is handled by our team of experienced professionals and builders. We follow a streamlined method to get the project completed. Right from the assessment to the recommendation and then to initiation to finish, we take care of each of the steps.

We thrive on cooperation and proper communication. This is one of the prime reasons the builders, working with us for different renovation projects in and around Mortdale, keep on updating the supervisor about the status of the project. We do not do any type of rebuilding or remodelling unless we get a green signal from our client’s end on the proposed design and idea.

Why Choose Us?

We are present in the market for years and during this entire tenure, we have learned to address the requirements of the clients. This has made us one of the reliable and reputed builders in Mortdale. The following are some of the reasons hiring us for any kind of remodelling or building is going to be the best decision:

  • Budgeted work

  • Precise, on-time completion

  • Experienced team of all professionals

  • Free up-front quotation

  • Expert consultation

Call 0449 655-226 for more details. We are always there to help you. You can also fill in the given form for more details. We will get back to you shortly. We build all types of new homes, renovations, knockdown rebuilds, extensions, and general construction projects.​