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We at O’Malley’s Construction are a truly Australian company and have been in the industry for many years now. Our team members are just as educated as they have experience. We specialize in all kinds of work related to such construction projects. We have significant experience of working in Australian conditions and combined with our overall prowess, it presents a tantalizing prospect indeed. Our organization can design, deliver, develop, and manage our projects so that we can satisfy all the demands that our customers have from a company like us. We always complete our work on time and within the budget that we have agreed to for the project.

As the best home builders in Marrickville, we are always trying to achieve greatness in every project that we work on. We want to satisfy our customers completely with every project that we do. We always want to create a better future for them, even as we strengthen the relationships we have with them.

The services that we offer

​We offer the following services to our customers:

  • Renovations – Extensions, Alterations, And Additions 

  • New Homes – Knockdown Rebuilds.

  • Outdoor Living-dining, Alfresco, And Outdoor Barbecue Areas

  • Decks And Pergolas – Outdoor Structures And Timber Frame Decks

  • Bathrooms – Bathroom Makeovers And Ensuites

  • Commercial Fit-outs – All Carpentry Services

How we work for our customers

  • We first identify the requirements that they have from us.

  • Then we analyse the costs required to complete the project

  • After that, we design the project and get approval from the customers.

  • We start construction work.

  • We finish the same and hand it over to them.

How can we add value to our customers?

  • We design and construct the project so that we can save you thousands of dollars.

  • We always make sure that the project doesn’t exceed the budget that we have agreed to with them.

  • We work in this way so that we save a lot of time.

  • We are always engaged with the work.

  • We coordinate with the customers at every stage of the project.


Why should our customers choose us over the others?

  • We are better than all other home builders in Marrickville.

  • We offer completely reasonable prices, in keeping with the quality of the work that we do for our customers.

  • We always create a comfortable environment for our customers.

  • We make a safe home so that they can raise their family with minimal disruption.

We always satisfy our customers

  • We understand our customers may not always like our work.

  • In such cases, we would be more than happy to make the changes that they want us to

  • We never stop till the time they are fully happy with our work,

  • Our chief aim is to make an environment that is exactly right for our customers.

  • We know that the only way we can do that is by satisfying them completely.

We are specialists

As opposed to most other companies of our ilk in the region, we have specialists for all facets of the work that we do. It is these qualities that make us a name to be reckoned with among the home builders in Marrickville. Our team members are experts and know how to provide great services at decent costs. Therefore, we always attune ourselves to the needs that our customers have. Our team members have received a lot of training in such work, and they also perform valuable research before every project. We can also help our customers save thousands of dollars in future repair work. The biggest evidence of our success in the industry is the number of repeat customers we have.  Make sure to contact us on 0449 655 226 and get the best-in-class services by our specialists for all your renovation needs in Sydney.