Employ Superlative Builders at Annandale 


We at O’Malley’s Construction have years of experience in the building industry. We also enjoy a loyal following of customers who only want to work with us. Our reputation has also been growing in the region, and this is primarily because of the quality of work we have been doing for our clients. We also have accreditation from the Master Builders Association. We have created our reputation by offering our customers a level of care, detail, and quality in every project that we work on. To us, the size of the project does not matter. We are proud of how we deliver all our projects on time, without fail.

As the top builders at Annandale, we satisfy our customers completely. We understand them and can relate to their dream of wanting to build a home they can call their own.

We communicate openly and work based on respect

  • We are extremely passionate about our work.

  • To us, the quality of the project is something that we cannot compromise on.

  • Our team is full of professional, skilled, and highly experienced individuals.

  • We have selected our team with great care.

  • Our tradespeople are all well-behaved, and they always present themselves well.

  • They also keep the well-being of our customers’ homes in mind when they are working on a project.

  • We work with them to create homes that are amazing in the truest sense of the word.

  • We collaborate with them to come to the best decisions on projects.

  • We consider them as part of our team, too.

Our customer service is the best

  • We offer our customers the best service at every stage of the project.

  • We are friendly and you will always find us open and easy to talk to

  • We are patient and work according to what they want us to do.

  • We also deal happily with any issue that may arise during the project.

  • No matter what project we are working on, our customers can always expect us to be friendly, efficient, and provide them high quality.

  • It is these qualities that make us the most sought-after builders at Annandale.

  • Our prices are competitive.

We are environment friendly

  • We always use the latest products and techniques in sustainable building.

  • This can be significantly helpful for our customers in designing their homes.

  • The environment around us is always changing.

  • The costs of energy supply are always on the up, too.

  • So, if our clients can make their homes energy-efficient, it would save them thousands of dollars in the future.


Our workmanship is the best

  • We do not have any equals in this respect in the region.

  • Much of this is because of the kind of experience and expertise that our professionals have.

  • We are proud of the level of quality that we can offer to our customers.

  • Therefore, when they hire us, they can be sure that they will get full value for their money.

  • We can deliver results that are a lot better than what they would have expected.

  • We use the latest techniques of construction and the best construction materials regarding quality, to build the dream homes of our customers.

  • This explains why people herald us as the best builders at Annandale.

Getting in touch with us

If our customers want to discuss their requirements with us, they can always call us up at 0449-655-226. Else, they can visit our website, where they will find a contact form with basic details like their name, email address, phone number, subject, and message to us. They can be sure that we will get back soon enough to them.  ​