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O'Malleys Construction are a small Australian owned and operated construction group based in Sydney's inner west, servicing the whole Sydney region and surrounds.


With years of residential and commercial building experience, we have developed a trusted and knowledgable team, who pride themselves on service and the finest workmanship. Whether you are updating you are renovating, extending or building your dream home, it is our mission to ensure you have the best experience possible.


We build all types of new homes, knockdown rebuilds, renovations, extensions and general construction projects.

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At O’Malley’s Construction, we’ve been in the industry for many years now and have built a strong reputation for ourselves due to how sophisticated and distinct our work has been. People know us around the region for the way we never compromise with the quality of our work. Through our work, we have been able to redefine how thoughtfully we design spaces and homes. We work all around the capital city of New South Wales and the regions that surround the city.

These are some factors that have made us the top local builder in Sydney. We have years of experience, and our builders always commit to providing our customers with total satisfaction with their work. The same also goes for quality craftsmanship and the services that we have to offer. So, when our customers decide to build their homes with us, they select a high-quality home that has been designed well. They can be sure that we will make all the difference to their homes with our work.

The process that we follow for our work

It is our meticulous process that makes us the leading renovation specialist in Sydney.

  • All our designs are unique.

  • The experience of building homes with us is always going to be a top-notch one.

  • We assure this to our prospective customers.

  • We have extensive expertise in design.

  • Quality craftsmanship.

  • Our customer service is the finest in the region.

  • We always work with an approach of focusing on the customers and what they want from us.

  • We make sure that the home we build for them is at par with their vision, specifications, and style.​

Why should you choose us?

  • We are the leading local builder in Sydney.

  • We are seasoned in such work.

  • Our customers have highly always appreciated our work.

  • People know us in the industry as a top-flight residential and commercial construction company.

  • We can manage all stages of these projects and guarantee premium finishes.

The benefits that we offer to our customers
  • We design our customers’ homes in keeping with their lifestyle needs.

  • Our work is modern – full of contemporary flair.

  • We can also make it timeless and sophisticated if that is what best suits your requirements.

  • We also focus on making these spaces functional.

  • The end aim here is to create a space that improves the lifestyle of our customers and that, too, seamlessly.

  • We always work within the budget.

  • Then whenever people need a renovation specialist, they call us.

  • We craft every home with the best attention to detail so that we can create a unique space every time we work.

We offer our customers an integrated solution
  • We are a design-and-build company in the truest sense of the words.

  • Then we take proper care of every aspect of the projects that we work on

  • We assure our customers that no local builder does it better than us.

  • We let them get on with their daily activities even as we complete our work.

We protect investments
  • We understand how much money it needs for these construction and renovation projects to be done.

  • So, we do our work so that our customers do not have to spend money on expensive projects that can prove too much of a burden for them.

  • As a top-tier renovation specialist in the region, we always work closely with our customers at every stage of the project – to completion, from conception.

We help achieve dreams
  • We have worked with people from various strata of society.

  • We have earned our reputation as a quality construction company by dint of our hard work.

  • We know that the dreams of our customers are in our hands.

  • We take our work fully seriously.

The work that we can do

We perform every task from building and renovations, outdoor living projects, bathroom work, making new homes, decks & pergolas, and commercial fitouts. In renovations, we can perform extensions, alterations, and additions. For outdoor living, we can create dining, alfresco, and outdoor barbecue areas. Also, we can make ensuite bathrooms and give them a makeover. We specialize in knockdown rebuilds, too. No matter what our clients need, we have them covered. 

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